Wii Review: WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008

Title: Smackdown Vs Raw 2008

Platform: Wii (PS3/Xbox 360/PS2/NDS/Mobile)

Developed By: Yukes

Published By: THQ/Yukes

Rating: 16+

Controls: Wiimote + Nunchuk

Smackdown Vs Raw 2008. It was one of the titles i was looking forward to owning after i seen how it worked on Wii on a video on YouTube. Well disappointed is an understatement. The controls is the only plus of the game. I enjoyed the controls of the game they were the main reason i haven’t slated the game altogether. The Mii’s play a 0.01% in the game only appearing when you want to play under a certain Mii and when your playing in story mode which was a joke. The story mode was a joke once you get started you play a number of super stars(note i played with a CAW so it may be different for others ). This is where the probelms start after 5 minutes of the game you will get bored playing the same superstars at the same events and arenas. It will seem like the story mode has no end but it does once you win one of the championship belts it will come to an end. Also it doesn’t matter what brand you play with you will end up on all 3 brands and fighting the same old people from when you started. The game is a complete waste of time for story mode so if your looking for an interesting story mode forget it buy it for the other main formats (PS3/PS2/360) because features have been left out of the Wii version that appear on them. These include: Custom music for ring entrances and general manager mode. WWE you pretty much put the Smackdown Vs Raw brand down the toilet.

Review Rating 3/10