Microsoft Confirm Keynote at GDC 2008

Its been confirmed that at next months Game Devleoper’s Conference, Microsoft will be giving a keynote on the future on developing games called “A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community”, presented by John Schappert which will reveal a fair bit of the console’s plans for 2008. It’s also rumored the recent outage on Xbox Live will be explained during that keynote and what the componsation package will be for gamers effected by it.

Jamil Moledina, Exectuive Director of GDC

The Game Developers Conference is the premiere stage for industry leaders to present their strategies for advancing the state of the art of games.

Given John’s experience and the Microsoft game development team behind him, we are confident that our attendees will not want to miss this glimpse into the future of how games will be made.

But GDC normally holds 2 keynotes, not 1. And while we do have conformation of 1, we still need the 2nd. And while it is only a rumor for now, we have heard that the 2nd keynote will come from none other then the head of the worldwide studios of Sony Computer Entertainment (and lovable good guy of gaming) Phil Harrison. If true, this would be his 3rd keynote in a row where in his 2006 keynote he revealed God of War 2, revealed the title of Resistance: Fall of Man as well as other things. 2006 was boring but in his last keynote last year, he majorly improved on it by unveiling Playstation Home (Revealed before to controversy by Kotaku) and the innovitive Little Big Planet.

If this keynote is indeed happening, it’ll be based on Playstation Home unveiling new details on the service as well as hopefully a cast in iron release date of the service or at least a cast in iron release date of the open beta of the service.

GDC is held between 18th-22nd February.

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