GDC 2008: Microsoft’s Big Announcement Gears of War 2?

Ah, Surfer Girl. That nutjob surfer whos a girl who brings us news which either turn out to be true or false half the time. Now, in her latest brining, she says about a port of the original FF7 for the PSN, a announcement from Rockstar concerning the date for Grand Theft Auto IV and when PS3 owners expect an announcement for In-Game XMB. But there was one story out of that which seemed interesting which could back up claims from an email that Microsoft sent out yesterday about their GDC keynote.

As we announced yesterday, that announcement could concern new games, new features or even a type of Playstation Home for the 360. But this seems to fall into the former as it seems that someone asked a question concerning GDC and MS.


ok so theres this little thing called the GDC coming up. What can we expect from the Microsoft Camp?


Something called Gears of War 2, the pack of previously-announced 08 releases and a couple of surprises.

It really wouldnt be a surprise to see it announced at all but to see it announced this early with E3 a few months away being a surprise in its own right.

Gears of War was an absoutely brillant game, just the epic title (In every sense of the word with no pun intended for developer, Epic Games) with it being the most played game on Xbox Live before Halo 3 came out. And when a GoW 2 comes round, you can bet your arse that No. 3 wont be far away…if 2 isn’t a pile of bollocks.

RUMOR: Gears of War 2 to be announced at GDC [Live - 360]