4 Unannounced Characters in Metal Gear Solid 4 *contains spoillers from past MGS games*

It’s been announced that in the latest edition of The Kojima Productions podcast that there will be 4 unconfirmed characters in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots when it releases in Q2 of this year for Playstation 3.

If you’ll remember, Peyton said in last week’s announcement that if his favourite American Football team, the Green Bay Packers, won their play-off match, he’d announce something pretty special…Patriots > Packers.

No that wasn”t it. He’d try and obtain permission to reveal the new titles Kojima Productions are taking right now, 3 in fact. But sadly, he could not obtain the said infomation (Kojima-san, you only delaying the inevitable by not telling us about Zone of the Enders 3).

But what he did get infomation from was something for Metal Gear Solid 4 fans. He confirmed that 4 characters, all unconfirmed, would be appaearing in the game. He said that 3 of them would be returning, 1 of them new. The list I’d like to see for the returnees.

Big Boss
Mei Ling

Now Big Boss is seen in artwork released for the game but that could mean that although he’s dead, he has a vital part of the story like MGS1…although last time I checked, dead bodies dont stand. As for Solidus…he could pull a BB out of his backside tbh despite Raiden killing him in the sword fight in MGS2…and then falling from city hall.

But Mei-Ling isnt actually dead and could potentially turn up in the game but she was meant to be in MGS2 but was somewhat either cut out to the portion of stuff taken out from MGS2 after 9/11 or her appearence was never in the game.

We’ll find out when Guns of the Patriots is released in Q2 this year for the Playstation 3.

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