SCEE PlayStation Community Awards – Nominations Announced Tomorrow

Yesterday, it was the Razzies, today it was the Oscars but there is an awards ceromony which is bigger then the 2…and we dont have a writers strike to worry about. Yes, tomorrow, the nominations for the SCEE Playstation Community Awards are announced tomorrow. A few members such as SheepBoy, Freelance, Hex and mgspro are excpected to be nominated for several awards.

But guess what, even yours truly is getting nominated for a few. I’ll be nominated in the Best Comedy King (or Queen), thats confirmed but I’m also expected to get another 2, maybe even 3.

Heres the favourites so far to get nods.

Sheepboy: 2
Freelance: 3
Hex: 2
mgspro: 4
Johnny Cullen: 3

All the nominees will be announced tomorrow.

Nominees will also be announced for the game of the year awards where Uncharted: Drakes Fortune will most likely probably sweep the boards with Warhawk closely followed. Metal Gear Solid 4 will also get a nod in the Most Anticpated PS3 of 2008, up against the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV and Haze.

Favourites for the GOTY awards.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune: 5
Warhawk: 4
Metal Gear Solid 4: 1
Grand Theft Auto IV: 1
The Orange Box (TF2 or Portal): 2