SHIIITTTTLOADS of stuff from Fabula Nova Crystallis Saga (Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII) from Famitsu

We said last week that new info would be forthcoming from Famitsu in their new issue about Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga.. While I did think I posted the said infomation, it was from Japan’s other biggest gaming magazine V-Jump.

And I do apolgise if I jumped the gun but now we got the real deal. As well as stuff already seen in V-Jump like screens, Famitsu also has new screens not seen in V-Jump as well as new info.

A few of the screens will be posted below but first, the info. While we havent had the screens translated, what info we do know is this.

A demo IS being made but the game’s director, Motomu Toriyama, is unsure if its actually going to be this year before we get our hands on it, either by form of the PS Store or at a convention e.g. E3, TGS, Leipzig.

As far as info on the game goes, the following quote below is from

The blue sphere seen in previous scans has been confirmed to be the floating city Cocoon. Cocoon was built by a superhuman entity called Farushi/Falsh (ファルシ) to protect people from the threats of Pulse. People chosen by Farushi/Falsh to carry out some kind of mission are called Rushi/Luci (ルシ). Both the Blond haired man and Pigtailed girl are Rushi/Luci. Summons come to the aid of the Rushi/Luci and appear in “digital form”. The entity that built Cocoon is not the Crystal.

Also as the Famitsu scans for FFXIII, there was also Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a spin off from the main game itself. While we have absoutely no info from the translated stuff so far, we have plenty of screens from Famitsu, V-Jump and ven one from Game Informer in the US to go on.

I’ll be posting those in a gallery tonight.

But in the meantime, heres the scans for Versus XIII and FF XIII, both exclusive to Playstation 3 with them due in the US and Europe in 2009 with a Japanese release likely at the end of the year.

I’ll be posting the V-Jump scans from last week tonight so we still got a fair bit of info to get…plus we’re still to get translations but at last we are slowly, but surely, getting info on the FF games for the PS3.

Credit for the scans and info go to You guys have a kickass site, keep up the work =) ;)