AT LAST! The V-Jump Scans for FFXIII and Versus XIII Translated…Except

We aren’t going to directly post them here oh no…we decided to make our own Flickr as when I posted the FFXIII screens from Famitsu, it completely slowed down the site due to its bandwidth. While the post and the pics stay, we’ll be keeping all of screens on this Flickr page.

Anyways, back to these scans.

All of it is complete translated of a 6 page feature with 2 pages based on the cover, 2 pages based of FFXIII and 2 of Versus XIII plus a small feature of the mobile game for Japan only, Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Anyways, here’s them scans.

Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scans [V3 Flickr]

Our credit note is in the flickr page but thanks anyways to