Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Hands On Preview (Pics Included)

Saturday March 22nd 2008 – Between 3:30pm and 5:00pm was when our hands on for the game. The place: the first WTF at The Nerve Centre, Derry. Me and Brendan were given a hands on of the US verison of the game (infact, I didnt even know Brendan was gonna turn up until I seen him with his brother playing Halo 3 8 player LAN xD).

And…lets put it this way. Its as bonkers and brillant as Melee was before it. At first there was trouble with it getting it set up as it was in Black and White but after 15 – 20 mins, it was moved from a projector screen to a HDTV and for 480P, it dont look half bad.

First thing you need to know is that the controller of choice you need to use when Brawl is released in Europe (WHEN FOR FUCK SAKE, WHEN!!!???) is either a GameCube controller or a Wii classic controller because the Wiimote doesnt do wonders to it, so best not use the Wiimote for it.

Brendan playing Brawl, playing as Ganondorf

We played through a fair number of levels as well as characters. Brendan played as Ganondorf, Kirby, Samus fron Metroid and Pikachu whilst I played as Mario, Kirby, Bowser and, me being the big MGS fanboy I am, Snake…like…a million times. The levels we played on it were Pokemon stadium, Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, Battlefield and Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid (IT HAD METAL GEAR RAY FROM MGS2 FFS! IT SHOULD HAVE HAD REX, NOT RAY!!! RAY SHOULDNT BE ON THE ISLAND, MGS4 ISNT OUT YET YA KNOW!!!)

The gameplay is as bonkers as before then you can imagine. There was another 2 players playing with us but it was to make a 4 player Brawl. Infact, none of us knew how to unleash a Final Smash when all of had a scamble each time to get the Smash Ball as all of us bar one were noobs on Super Smash Bros… and thats despite the fact Melee was on the Gamecube earlier in the day.

Me playing Brawl, Brendan’s brother is siiting beside me to the right…he was damn good at Guitar Hero…

If you remember, I said a few weeks ago when I said that this would be the only reason that convinced me to buy a Wii? I’ll quote you from it.

Hopefully, Ryan will get off his high horse and stop striking about Goldeneye and hopefully give a review of the game when it is released but right now, this is only the real game thats tempting me to buying a Wii.

Well…it has. Got a Wii yesterday for £260 with Super Mario Galaxy and Guitar Hero 3. It proves that a game like Brawl has the potential to sell Wii’s like hotcakes once it comes out. That and Mario Kart Wii, which Ryan will be doing a review of when its out in 2 weeks time but as for Brawl…

Our Thoughts: Brawl is one of them games that makes sense of the words, epic, bonkers, crazy and brillant. I’ll be getting it imported soon (and hopefully have a Wii classic controller by then or a GC controller at least) and will have a review for it soon after. But in the meantime, if you want a great reason to buy the Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of them, maybe the most important reason of the lot, did the trick with me. Whenever it comes out here is unknown yet, but when it does happen, you have your reason.

When Brawl drops, you’d best be there to catch it.

Credit for the pics go to WTF Derry