According to Videogaming 24/, the new verison of Banjo Kazooie being developed by Rare for a christmas release for the Xbox 360 will be shown at the Gamers Day being held by Microsoft on Tuesday, just a week after Sony held theirs.

An embargo of a press event showing off the game to selected press only will be lifted as well with assets to the press which will be released as of Tuesday May 13th at 5pm (Also known as this Tuesday)

We’re also expecting to hear that Microsoft will be bringing out a Motion Sensitive controller to the market, following that of Nintendo’s Wiimote and Sony’s SIXAXIS.

However, I dont really care if they bring out goggles which puts you in the eyes of Master Chief, I just want to see Banjo for fuck sake!!!


Confirmed: Banjo assets due May 13th, 5pm BST [Videogaming 24/7]