GameTrailers Are Showing a Whole Lot of Biasism on Their Front

Well well, it seems the meaning “Everybody Has a Price” has never seemed so true then today. GameTrailers are deleting threads on their forums and have disabled their contact emails. Why? It’s because of a comparison to Race Driver: GRiD between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 which they have now taken off the site, however, someone was good enough to post it on YouTube.

Now what is this controversay about? Its about how they said the 360 verison’s crash physics are better then the PS3 verison…except, when they showed the control scheme of it, they didn’t show the 360 verison, they showed the PS3 verison instead.

And now, it is showing that GT has being showing biasism towards Microsoft and Xbox 360 for a while now.

Hmm, thoughts? I’ll be posting mines tomorrow on the Members Blog.