Gears of War 2 Gameplay Shown for the First Time Ever. Gameplay + Screens Coming

Gears of War 2 finally made its grand debut last night on Game Trailers TV and on 1UP. The game was announced at GDC 2008 and it’ll have main character Marcus Fenix return to the game as well as Dom Santiago but there will be no Cole or Baird beside you (But they will be in the game) with 2 new characters.

In the footage, we saw new features such as taking a Locust hostage before we see Marcus snapping its neck. As well as that, chainsaw are now inserted into the torso of the body (Just as such like the GDC trailer). And just as it was previously thought, there IS chainsaw duels in the game.

If a Locust just manages to get ready in time, a chainsaw duel is activated right away just before you chainsaw him. To win it, you must keep tapping B. We then see the monster which were promised to fight against in Gears 2 by lead designer after only getting to see it near the end of Gears 1 (If you have the PC verison of Gears, you sirs, are jammy bastards as you get to properly fight it)…the BRUMAK!

The COG take on the Brumak and eventually win and its pretty much where we leave the footage. Lead Designer at Epic Games and Gears of War 2 itself, Cliff “Cliffy B” Blitzinski said that the Locust are now able to destroy an entire city by swalling it because of the sheer size of the army of Locust that survived the Lightmass bomb explosion at the end of Gears 1, stating that they’ve sent a force that can sink entire citys “and its not just small Emergence Holes, its an entire city going down at once”

We have screens right below and the gameplay footage. But we’ve also uploaded the debut trailer onto our YouTube page which is just right after the screens.