Resident Evil 5: New Scans and Info from Famitsu

New details have emerged of Resident Evil 5 in the new issue of Famitsu today. The game, due for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime late this year or early next year, showcases new screens, artwork, info and a introduction to the preview by producer, Jun Takeuchi.

The info, in the magazine but translated over at NEOGAF shows the info as this…

- A new trailer will be shown in the very near future.

- For now, Famitsu will show images and some info from one part of that trailer. (intro paragraph written by Takeuchi)

- There’s a new female character, shown holding a shotgun and wearing a tank top and boots similar to the ones Jill wore in RE3.

- In addition to areas that make use of sunlight as a gameplay dynamic, there will be darker, shadow-filled areas as well, such as a cavern where Chris utilizes a flashlight. There will be an intense contrast between light and dark.

- Chris is shown using his knife, a sniper rifle above a bridge that’s above a river, and of course the handgun.

- A few pieces of artwork are shown, such Chris fighting villagers near a crashed helicopter, that same helicopter flying amidst a smoke-filled sky, and Chris witnessing the helicopter being shot down. There’s also some kind of garden in the cavern with a giant hole above it, allowing the sunlight in.

- Chris is shown holding a blond girl noticeably shorter than him in a building.

- A picture of a chainsaw and the right leg of its weilder is shown.

- Chris will be up against very powerful enemies once again, and this shot of some creature behind iron bars is reminiscent of Chris’s previous enemies, such as CODE: Veronica’s Nosferatu (although it was Claire who faced him) and the REmake’s Lisa Trevor. Those two creatures were imprisoned at some point as well.

The more you hear about this game, it just makes you so many crazy things, it’s probably why its in our top 20 games of 2008 (Should it be released this year by all means…I mean, look what happened to Killzone 2).

The scans are too big to post but I’ve uploaded them to my Photobucket. Just copy and paste them into your browser.

New Resident Evil 5 info from Famitsu[Neogaf]