God of War III to Be Shown at E3 2008

It’s been announced at the French Game Developers Conference by Sony Computer Entertainment that God of War III will be shown at E3 2008. Nothing else was mentioned but a plausable guess will be that a few tidbits of info followed then by a teaser will be shown at Sony’s E3 Conference 3 weeks from today with it playable behind closed doors.

It’ll be interesting to see how GOW3 does now that David Jaffe and Cory Barlog are now gone from Sony’s Santa Monica studio who handles the development of the series. So far, the game has been given a 2009 release date but rumor maybe true that it could be coming as early March 2009, just a month after another of the big 1st party games is released, Killzone 2.

Still, we’ll all know about Kratos next adventure in a couple of weeks (Hopefully) and when (and if) it does come out, we’ll bring it to you.