New Footage of Resistance 2 in Iceland

New footage has emerged of Resistance 2 tonight. 3 videos emerged from the European gaming website GamerSyde but we’ve put one of the videos on our YouTube in HD so that you can see it below.

The video we’ve put up is only 30 seconds long but we can confirm that the level in question is from Iceland and is infact from the first level of the game. Shown in the video is the Chimera in a massive battle with a massive looking monster of a ship (Literally) with a Chimera soldier fighting with a Human before sinking his teeth into him. We then see that exact Chimera soldier running towards Nathan Hale, the main character of the game as you see the video in Hale’s perspective from FPS.

We’ll put the other two videos on YouTube throughout the night but until then, here is the video from Iceland.