Rock Band 2 Officially Announced

After that massive leak a couple of weeks ago citing Rock Band 2, Harmonix have now confirmed the existsence of it showing the first screens as well as a screen of the new guitar.

The game will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 in September with a PlayStation 3 verison out before the year’s end. Plus as an added bonus, the game will support any DLC you bought for Rock Band 1 meaning you dont have to delete anything you bought from Xbox Live or PlayStation Store (Despite the fact that the PS3 verison isnt out in Europe yet)

And when IGN Xbox 360 Editor in Chief Hillary Goldstein mentioned in an interview with the game’s lead designer Dan Teasdale the 10 bands he’d like to see in Rock Band (Pavement, The Beatles, Tool, Led Zep, Agent Orange, Modest Mouse, The Buzzcocks, The Replacements and Built to Spill) Teasdale said that not only did Goldstein mention his favourite bands (useless piece of info yah) but he also mentioned that some of those bands are indeed in Rock Band 2.

Stairway to Heaven? PLEASE LORD!!! Oh and there were rumors a couple of weeks ago that The Beatles back catologue was going to be appearing on Rock Band as well as Guitar Hero so maybe they have struck a deal? We’ll find out at E3.

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