Sony Release Part 1 of a FW 2.40 Walkthrough

You may have seen in my predictions post for Sony and how they could win E3 for them by releasing 2.40 during their conference. However, before that, they’d need to show off the walkthrough first and well…they must have been reading it last night because minutes after it was posted, a post on the PS Blog showed from Jeff Rubenstein of SCEA stating to hang around the blog just before Midnight pacfic in America which is 8:00am here.

Nice of you to look at us Sony =D

OK, that is be a blatent lie but either way, within the past half hour Sony have just released Part 1 of a 2 part Walkthrough special showing the In-Game XMB. First off, you do get In-Game Music but also you get to launch other games while in another game. The example shown is of Pixel Junk Monsters Encore by going into that from Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

Also shown off is a new feature which has just been addded which was also recently added for Firmware 4.00 for the PSP and that is a Google search on your Network tab in your PS3 XMB.

Sony have said that the 2nd part will be coming out within the next couple of days to show off the trophys feature for 2.40.

So for you to enjoy, Part 1 of the walkthrough for In-Game XMB which will be added in Firmware 2.40.