Welcome to GOONL!NE

Well at long last, we’re finally open for business.

Gamzsone is gone but incomes GOONL!NE, a brand new site replacing Gamzsone V3. We’re beginning where we left off with the E3 blog stuff being over here. Anyways, we’ve got a lot of stuff planeed for you between now and the end of this year, trust us, you dont wanna miss a single thing.

So…what else we got for you? Hit the jump to find out more.

We’ve got extensive coverage of Games Convention in Leizpig as well as the Tokyo Games Show coming plus our YouTube channel will be updated with loads more content. We’ve still got more stuff to tell you about but for now, all we can tell you is that we got a massive video coming to the YouTube channel, tonight.

But thats a surprise, so stay tuned.

And off we go!