The First Ever Screenshot of MAG Released

In a blog post on the PS Blog, the first ever screen of MAG, the new massive online action game in development by Zipper Interactive for the PLAYSTATION 3, has been released.

The game will feature up to 256 players in 8 man sqauds to fight in proxy battles (Similar to Resistance 2) in a warfare setting.

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In the post, Senior Producer of MAG, Rade Stojsavljevic, said:

Though it’s early to talk in depth about MAG, we can definitely quell some fears we’ve already heard from you about how MAG will need to compromise on gameplay to support its size. Well, it may be massive but it is an action shooter at its core. You can run around and shoot enemies, throw grenades, and drive vehicles just like any other shooter except with MAG you’ll do it with up to 256 players. The team at Zipper was one of the pioneers of online gaming on consoles with the SOCOM franchise and they’ve used this knowledge to create a brand new server architecture to make an original game like MAG possible.

It should be interesting to see the first gameplay footage of MAG when that eventually is released. MAG is due for release on PLAYSTATION 3 next year.

First Look at MAG [PS Blog]