Was Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Really Worse Then Sony’s E3 2006 Conference?

We all knew who won out of the big E3 conferences and that was Microsoft. Yeah, they had cringe worthy stuff like Your in the Movies, Duffy singing her own song in Lips as well as the very bad looking Avatars as well as the new Xbox Experience. But they did show off some great stuff such as Fable 2, Resident Evil 5, Gears of War 2, the first ever public gameplay footage of Fallout 3 and…of course that bombshell that Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360.

So…what were we expecting from Nintendo? They werent gonna wipe the floor like Microsoft did but there was some pretty big expections. A new Kid Icarus, a new Pikmin and maybe…just maybe a teaser of a new Zelda been shown.

But…all we got was maybe the biggest cheese/cringe/boring,embarisng conference ever. Hell, even Sony’s E3 2006 conference, as cocky as it was, did make us laugh. Nintendo did no such thing. How? A couple of reasons how is after the break.

With Sony in 2006, we had a couple of laughable moments. Yes, they were cocky and the fact that it was….$599. But c’mon, who could forget GEC (Giant Enemy Crab), weak point for massive damage, hell all of the Genji segment, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!, the introduction of the SIXAXIS and Krazy Ken + more. Here, this video will tell you more.

But Nintendo’s? Nintendo was without a doubt a very very (VERY) big bore and very cringe worthy. Now, be honest, who wanted to break Cammie Dunaway’s bad wrist after that conference with that cheesy smile, “cutest game you’ve ever seen” and more.

Christ, I wanted to!

Here, let me give you an example’s

- The entire time Cammie Dunaway was on stage
- Reggie’s bore charts again (Sony’s Run Through the Business Year Was Run Through on LittleBigPlanet!)
- The bare lack of games for the hardcore except for GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS & Animal Crossing for the Wii
- WiiMusic
- Miyamoto’s failed attempt playing the claranet.
- A half arsed band playing a very bad verison of the Super Mario Bros theme.

Here’s a good video to show you what I mean…it gets bonus points also for using Radiohead’s All I Need.

So was it as bad as Sony’s E3 Conference in 06? GOD YES! I wanted to kill Cammie Dunaway after that conference (Okay, kill is a little harsh but even still) just for that cheesy smile and all the time she was on stage.

And Reggie’s charts? Hell, Microsoft may have had the best conference but Sony had the best charts by showing them in LittleBigPlanet but hell even Microsoft somehow had it interesting compared to Nintendo.

So sadly, Nintendo, you’ve been struck with the big headed E3 conference syndrome. Will it be Microsoft next year after everything this year?

Who knows.