CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy VII Remake Not Happening

Contary to the rumors that was posted on PS Lifestyle last night, a remake of Final Fantasy VII will not be happening. They have started that they have conflicting info from an insider and while a spin-off or sequel could happen, a remake is NOT one of them.

It comes after earlier in the day, Square Enix gave a No Comment from Eurogamer on the subject so while this could be a double bluff by either Square Enix or PS Lifestyle on their end or if it is indeed true that there is no remake coming, for now it seems, there will be no remake coming.

While a remake could very well still happen, it wont happen now considering that most of the important people who consist of the core team of Final Fantasy VII (Bar Hironobu Sakaguchi who is now of course a part of the Microsoft Game Studios) are working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PLAYSTATION 3 as well as working on Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 before porting it to the Xbox 360 when localisation starts.

There was no mention of the apparent PSN release of the original Final Fantasy VII to the PS Store as well as Xbox Live Arcade. That seems to be taken down because of an error on their side because Final Fantasy VII’s publishing rights are owned by SCEI and SCEJ. Of course, them rights could have long expired by now and it could still go to XBLA but the most plausable route is that if the original is release, it’ll be release only on the PS Store.

As soon as we get more on this story, we’ll bring it to you.

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    Wow. That’s a bummer.