LA Noire on the Finishing Straight?

You know that game being published by Rockstar that hasnt been heard of in ages? Ya know, the PS3 exclusive? Yeah, that one.

Well, apparently, its nearly finished.

There has been no trailer’s in two year’s since its unveiling but finally it seems, a little of bit of glimoring news has appeared on Team Bondi’s blog which goes back to two months ago in May.

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According to the post on Team Bondi’s blog, which does date back two months so the game could actually be done by now, it says:

We’re looking to expand our Animation Team to cope with the final production phase of L.A. Noire. This includes the in-game cut-scenes, story cut-scenes, reviewing and cleaning up the animations for the in-game mechanics and supervising capture for the new facial animation technology which has been developed in conjunction with this project.

Surely we will hear something at GC in Leipzig next month. And when a little browsing was being done, I noticed that a specifc platform wasnt mentioned so it may not be a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive anymore.

Animation Expansion [Team Bondi]