GOONL!NE is Hiring

Basiclly put, we need you.

Or…well. I need you. You see, Ryan and Brendan have decided to leave the site and now no longer grace their presence on the site.

Ryan because he has a Gap Year coming and Brendan will be in his GCSE year and that is why they have left (But Brendan will be helping out in our coverage of WTF5 at the end of August)

Anyways, more after the break.

Anyways, if you feel you are up for writing reviews, previews and the latest news, send in an application form to (Yes, I know but I am still to get the GOONL!NE hotmail sorted so this will do in the meantime)

Please do note that while I will accept people who’s preference is to one console (Lets say you have a PS3, a 360 or a Wii) but does respect consoles like the 360 or Wii and will post any kind of news relating to them, what I WONT accept is a serious fanboy (360 RULZS! PS3 SUCKZ SERIOUZ BALLZ!!! LOZLZO1, I HAVE KNOW REISON TO GET A PS3 FOR FINAL FANTSY Xiii!1!)

And there is another thing, spelling. You need to have at the very least, decent spelling and decent grammar.

So basiclly, you application will be this:

Alias You Wanna Be Known as on the Site (You can use your real name should you wish):
Date of Birth
Consoles You Currently Own:
Console of Choice [Optional]:
Favourite Games [Optional]:

If you apply, I look forward to hearing from ya.