Grand Theft Auto IV to Recieve Cross Platform Play? PC Verison Revealed

Rockstar Games today offically unveiled Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC. It will be coming in November, 7 months after the release of the console verison’s of the game.

Now…we only do the consoles here, not PC or the handhelds. So why are we posting this? Your answer is after the jump.

The GTA IV website has updated with a Games for Windows logo and it has sparked off rumors now that now that the game has been revealed and the game is indeed for Games for Windows, it could now support cross platform play for online between Games for Windows user’s and anybody who has a copy of the game for the Xbox 360.

Also, because of this, we could also see the long antcipated DLC which will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 come to GFW, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One when it is hopefully release this November.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more on cross platform play if it is indeed true very soon but on Friday, GameTrailers TV will be conducting a interview with the voice of Niko Bellic in the game where they will talk about the DLC in question, the first time the DLC has been voiced on for so long.

Hopefully, we’ll get some solid details on the DLC on Friday.

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