Heavy Rain at Leipzig? New Screens Point That Way [UPDATE]

You lot surely remember Heavy Rain? It was this CGI demo of what the PLAYSTATION 3 could do at E3 2006 (It was actually running in real time for the PS3)

It was shown off by Quantic Dream who you’ll remember being the studio behind a fine game called Farenheit for the PS2 and Xbox which was published by Atari.

Heavy Rain has been in development for the past couple of years now with the game being published by Sony Computer Entertainment but it has remained very rescretive on info and screens…until tonight.

5 new screens have been posted on a Danish gaming website of the game.

3 of which are after the jump.

That 3rd and last screen is like…WOW. If that aint CGI screens, which is very unlikely because…lets be honest who would release CGI screens (Unless your Square Enix), this game looks amazing.

The game got demoed behind closed doors at E3 if the Twitters of Editor of Newsweek’s Level Up blog N’Gai Croal are to be believed.

Heavy Rain demo next. Alas, it is under NDA, so no identifying details will be tweeted.

Heavy Rain wowed the crowd. Hate to be a tease, but we can’t say more other than if you liked Indigo Prophecy, you’ll *love* this

And considering the fact Sony have said that there will be some big announcements at GC in Leipzig, we cant help but feel that Heavy Rain will be one of them.

We cant wait for GC, it kicks off Auguts 20th – August 24th.

Heavy Rain – Nyt fra ekslusivt PlayStation 3 spil? [Spilzonen]

EDITOR’S EDIT: Just added three more pics above. Also, GC take place from the 20th – 24th, not the 24 – 28th. Apologies.