Leipzig 08: Heavy Rain Shown, Footage Public

At Sony’s Press Conference earlier today, Quantic Dreams David Cage came on to present for the very first time in public their PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, Heavy Rain.

Cage started off by saying that gaming isnt for kids and teenagers anymore stating that in Heavy Rain, the game will not have any guns, cars, puzzles enemies etc etc in the game with Cage then stating that you are the player, director and writer of the game with it being a mature and emotional game forcing you to make very difficult and moral choices in the game.

Cage then showed off the first trailer of the game, more info on that AND the trailer itself after the jump.

Then the trailer was shown for the very first time. We see a neighbourhood, a couple of kids playing in the rain followed then by two people with their umbrellas (eh eh eh…bad timing) talking to each other.

The girl from the screens then shows and talks into a tape recorder. From what we can tell, she seems to be a journalist. We then see her go inside a house through a open window which closes behind her. Afterwards after snooping about the house, a man comes and tries to stab her with button prompts coming up in the trailer.

Soon after, we see her back outside looking at the house with the pain pouring down on her fading out to the title and a release date of 2009.

GOONL!NE is happy to present for the very first time publiclly the trailer of Heavy Rain.

Simply put, it looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

Simply put, we want this game out now if possible. The trailer will be uploaded onto our YT channel soon but for now…just watch. It looks incredible.