An Open Letter to Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights

On Tuesday, Too Human was released in America for the Xbox 360 with it coming here next Friday the 29th of August.

However, as of late Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights, the studio behind Silicon Knights, has been mouthing off about the negtivity of the game after it got some mixed reviews as well as a serious bashing from NeoGAF.

So bad was the said bash that Dyack went on GAF and posted on it with the following post:

“When the game is released and everyone plays game all the speculation will be over. If I am wrong and gamers in general think the game is ‘crap’ then I am comfortable with getting tagged ‘Owned by the GAF’.” Every single other person who thinks or hopes the game will be an epic failure gets their own tag — “Owned by Too Human.”

And yet so far, Dyack has not accepted the following tag.

On the same day of Too Human’s US release, Dyack said to Joystiq:

“But what we’re also seeing is for the people who don’t like it, generally just don’t get it. And it’s because we’ve created something so innovative and different,”

The entire open letter is after the break.

Dear Mr. Dyack,

I am about to say four words which need to be seared into your head considering that every gamer on the planet has been saying it to you for a while now (Or well, any non-360 fanboy anyways)


Seriously, we don’t want another Gabe Newell in the industry (At least Newell can put out great games with Valve, especially Half Life 2, Portal and The Orange Box)

Okay, I’ll openly admit that I haven’t tried the game and in all honesty, I wont. I downloaded the demo and I felt it was just crap. Plus, the fact that it has been getting some seriously bad reviews (Okay, maybe not seriously bad but still on the level Haze got) has put alot of gamers off.

I also feel that Too Human is in one way trying to some what rip-off the idea of a God of War type game (Only without the blood and guts) as well as ripping off and combine the futuristic setting of Mass Effect.

Basiclly put, Too Human is not being recieved very well and now your throwing all your toys out of the pram because of it.

Mr Dyack, there was a title on Kotaku when they posted about the time you posted on GAF with the said quote above the jump.

Denis Dyack Tells Too Human Trolls “Put Up Or Shut Up”

Mr Dyack, Too Human is the Xbox 360′s Haze, your not liking that status one bit so you speak out on how nobody understand’s Too Human and that it’s also the most innovitive title this generation or something amongist the lines of that when it actually aint (We’ve got one innovitive title already this gen with Portal and another one on the way with LittleBigPlanet, both entirely seperate games)

Dennis Dyack, it’s time to shut up.

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