Leipzig 08: 160GB PLAYSTATION 3 Coming to Europe on 31/10, Costs £349

At Wednesday’s Press Conference in Leipzig at GC, Sony announced that as well as the 80GB PLAYSTATION 3 coming a week early and being released as of today (August 22nd), they also announced that a 160GB verison would be coming out on Halloween (October 31st)

This PS3 SKU is perfect for anyone who downloads a great stuff of music, photos, videos, games from the PSN and once its released, also perfect for downloading levels for LittleBigPlanet.

And the newest PS3 SKU will cost €449 (It’ll be £349 in the UK according to Videogaming 24/7) with over €70 worth of downloadable content added to the HDD as standard.

Press release after the jump.

Store twice as much on your PLAYSTATION®3: New 160GB PS3™ is unveiled at Games Convention 2008.

Download more games; store more music; share more pictures; and record more of your favourite TV and movies with PS3

Leipzig Games Convention, 20thAugust 2008: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announcedthe 160GB PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) which will launch in the PAL markets on 31st October for a RRP of €449 in a bundle including additional PLAYSTATION®Network content. This new model has more than twice the storage capacity of the current models and can store and deliver more entertainment than ever before – perfect for people with an insatiable thirst for downloading and storing content.

This vast increase in available storage space gives owners the capacity to store large amounts of digital content in the same place, making the 160GB PS3 perfect for people who love to download. It allows for increased video, music, and photo storage as well as room to download even more games, game extras, playable demos, and trailers from PLAYSTATION®Network – making PS3 an even more attractive buy for those looking for an all-in-one entertainment system. With the new 160GB PS3, owners will have all of their media right where they need it.

Downloading content via PLAYSTATION Network is a one of the core experiences of PS3. PLAYSTATION®Store is the online destination for downloading games, extra content for games and more – all of which require hard drive space. In addition, SingStar® allows owners to download track after track from SingStore™, while Buzz!™: Quiz TV is supported by downloadable quiz packs direct from the developers. Little Big Planet™ encourages players to download and share levels that other gamers have created. Meanwhile, the forthcoming PlayTV™ will allow people to record free-to-air digital TV. There’s an impressive amount of content available and multi-media fans require a storage solution for all their needs.

Besides the extra hard drive space, owners can look forward to all of the other features of PS3: the high definition Blu-ray Disc™ player allowing for amazing sound and images, internet access, DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controllers, video chat, online play with other gamers across PLAYSTATION Network – and a stunning and ever-growing range of next-generation games including the forthcoming Resistance™2, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm® Pacific Rift, inFamous™ and more.

160GB and PSP3000 UK Pricing Confirmed [Videogaming 24/7]

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