Leipzig 08: GOONL!NE’s Round Up of Leipzig Games Convention 2008

Well, it’s at an end now sadly but we still have one more big gaming convention to come and thats the Tokyo Games Show.

If only we could afford to go to Japan =(

Anyways, this year’s GC was jam packed full of news…yes, we did post Sony news from all of it but in our defence, they were the only one of the big three to put in a big appearence at the convention.

Anyways, our round up is after the jump.

Fifa 09 Demo Coming September 11th for PS3 & Xbox 360
New Killzone 2 Trailer Showing Multiplayer
New Resident Evil 5 Trailer
First Trailer of Need for Speed: Undercover Released
Sony’s Press Conference – What Happened
Heavy Rain Shown, Footage Public
LittleBigPlanet Confirmed for October 29th
Fallout 3 Out in Europe on October 31st
Full Sony Conference Now Available to Watch
160GB PLAYSTATION 3 Coming to Europe on 31/10, Costs £349
Killzone 2 to Run 720 @ 30FPS
New Mirror’s Edge Gameplay
RUMOR: Mirror’s Edge a Timed PLAYSTATION 3 Exclusive?

And that was it, all done.

Sadly, we must now move from Leipzig to Cologne next year as the organisation behind GC has decided to move to Cologne for a new convention called GamesCOM so there is no GC in Leipzig next year…or is there?

Either way, thanks for the memories, Leipzig.