New Warhawk Expansion Leaked

On a forum post on the EU PS Forums, it’s claimed that the new Warhawk expansion, due on the PS Store on Thursday called Fallen Star, has been put on the PS Store as part of the combined booster pack of Broken Mirror and Omega Dawn.

At the time of writing this story, the original thread has been deleted but more and more threads are starting to pop up. But there is more which is after the jump.

GOONL!NE can now confirm that, before the time of writing this post, the Fallen Star expansion pack IS still in the combined booster pack. GOONL!NE also advises you that while you can download the booster pack, you dont install Fallen Star for now at least.

Here’s what you do.

1 – Go to the PS Store
2 – Go to Game Add-on’s
3 – Scroll to the bottom for Warhawk
4 – Buy the “Booster Combo Pack [Game Pack]” which contains Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror and Fallen Star
5 – Once you go through the checkout section, you have 3 seperate download sections for Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror and Fallen Star. While you are free to download Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror, do NOT (And I repeat this throughly, DO NOT!) download Fallen Star. If you download it, you may corrupt what files you have on Warhawk so far because the patch isn’t available.
6 – Once the patch is available on Thursday, go to “View Downloads” and then download Fallen Star.

So there you have it although by the time you read this, Sony will have probably taken it down off the store (It’s on the EU store and by the looks of things from the US forums, its on the US store too)