LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys on Eurogamer

Good News and Bad News.

Good News (Nay, IT’S FUCKING GREAT NEWS!) is that beta codes of LittleBigPlanet are now available on Eurogamer.


Bad News is that Eurogamer has died once again after the influx that was SOCOM: Confrontation.

We’re trying to get codes for anyways here anyways. They’ll be very few (At least 10) but we’ll try to anyways.

LittleBIGPlanet BIG Beta [Eurogamer]

16 Responses to “LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys on Eurogamer”

  1. slicer6261 Says:

    hey i really need a code so if anyone gets a spare one i doubt it but could they please send it me my psn id is Slicer626 thanks

  2. goukix Says:

    I need a beta code also please? ; ;

  3. slicer6261 Says:

    btw where do you download LBP from and where do you enter the code

  4. goukix Says:

    account management and go to transaction, and go to promotional code, and enter it

  5. slicer6261 Says:

    ahh kk you still waiting for a code because my f5 button will be worn out by the end of tonight

  6. goukix Says:

    lol yeah bro, you know how they will send it? Email or by message

  7. slicer6261 Says:

    no idea mate

  8. slicer6261 Says:

    probibly email

  9. goukix Says:

    I hope they do send us one mate, I really would love to try it

  10. slicer6261 Says:

    ye me 2 tbh ive been lucky enough to already try it because i went to the machester LBP shop and believe me it fucking amazing

  11. goukix Says:

    lol bro I believe you man, ive seen basically every video of it, and I cannot wait till it releases, but I just have to try this beta lol

  12. goukix Says:

    It’ll probly be late when they send it =/

  13. slicer6261 Says:

    yup i hope they do send it

  14. slicer6261 Says:

    sorry mate just managed to get on euro gamer all the keys are gone

  15. goukix Says:

    aww ; ;

  16. Jonathan Cullen Says:

    Sorry guys, didn’t get no beta codes.

    If anywhere else does them, I’ll do a smash and grab and get a couple of codes.