Bungie’s New Project Revealed…WHAT THE FUCK IS IT! [UPDATE]

UPDATE: It has something to do with Halo 3 anyways, is this hinting at a new single player campaign for the game? We’ll soon see as one of the SI’s posts last weekend said Tokyo Rules so it’s hinting at a big announcement a TGS when John Schepart keynotes it in a week and a half. Video is after the jump.

Original Story: The countdown is over and now Bungie have released the first teaser trailer to…to…WHAT THE FUCK IS IT!?

Because the trailer doesn’t give anything away. I haven’t personally seen the trailer yet but right now, it seems to be indicating nothing at all.

Well, except it’s going to the Xbox 360 and that the video will be on Marketplace soon. If it has anything to do with Halo, it’ll be exclusive otherwise it’s a posibillty it could be a game going to the PLAYSTATION 3.

Right now, the trailers been uploaded onto our YouTube page so once it’s done, we’ll put it here.

Teaser Trailer [Bungie]