Nintendo’s Japan Conference – What Happened

A new DS was the main star of the show but other then that, a less then average Nintendo conference. See what happened after the jump.

6:01am: Morning all.

It’s started already so we’re gonna jump right in and start and already, one rumor is confirmed and its the main one. A new Nintendo DS revealed by Satoru Iwota, President of Nintendo. It’s called the Nintendo DSi but right now, we dont have any specs of it whatsoever.

As soon as we know anything, we’ll know. Right now, any Western journalist is keeping their eye on Famitsu because there is no Western prescence in the conference due to this being a Japanese conference only.

6:03am: We know of one spec already, the DSi will lose the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot thats in either a original Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite.

6:04am: The DSi will also have a bigger screen at 17% bigger and yes, a 3 mega pixel camera has been added to the DSi.

6:04am: Oh and it can play music.

6:06am: Oooh, now this is interesting. You can download games onto the DSi via the internal memory. Niiiiice.

6:08am: This new DS will contain a internet browser built in where it will allow you to access the Nintendo DS Shop where you can buy games.

It will be split into 4 catagorys.

Free, 200 Points, 500 Points and Premium (1000) and Nintendo have also promised that even if you visit the store once before March 2010, you will get, for free, 100 points.


6:12am: The DSi will go on sale in Japan for 18900Y (Thats $180) on November 1st.

6:18am: They just showed a showreel of games that are coming to the DS, one of which is being demoed right now. A hack slash Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (if I what gather from it so far is right)

6:22am: D’OH!

The new FF game isn’t a hack and slash game, I read it wrong. It’s a DS/Wii game.

6:24am: Now, they’ve moved onto a anime trailer of Dragon Quest IX for the DS.

6:26am: YES! Nintendo’s found a way for storare solution’s for the Wii! It’s a… SD Memory Card? FUCK SAKE! What part of Hard Disc Drive do you not get, Nintendo?

6:28am: It’ll be rolling out as of next Spring but right now, they are showing a reel of what you can do with your Wii. They have also announced a Wii Wi-Fi adaptor and if you get a Wii owner connected to the internet, Nintendo will give you 500 Wii Points for free.

6:32am: Now they are talking about stuff which was shown at E3, Animal Crossing and Wii Sports Resort plus Wii Motion+ and WiiSpeak respectively.

6:40am: New game unveiled from Yuji Naka’s new studio, Lets Tap. Also, Nintendo are releasing a new collection of games from theGameCube days, one of them is Pikmin, the collection is called the Wii de Asobu Selection (or in English, Games You Can Play on Wii)

Because of that, I am prepared to make the following prediction.

The new game from this reknown franchise that will be revealed today is Pikmin 3 for the Wii. Miyamoto did let the cat out of the bag at E3 during a round table but we’ll see.

6:43am: Another real of games been showng and showing off a new game for the Wii, Punch Out.

Also, a couple of other games for the DS.

6:47am: Aaand a couple of more games after that but now they’ve moved onto a very big title for the Wii, Monster Hunter 3 by Capcom.

6:51am: Iwota has gone off but Miyamoto has come on to talk about, maybe demo (hopefully not if E3 is anything) Wii Music.

07:01am: It seems all the liveblogs, bar IGN’s, are stopping. Whats up?

07:03am: No, wait, we’re back but Miyamoto is still showing Wii Music.

07:10am: Wii Music sent everybody off to sleep? Right now, considering we are getting no reports or megaton’s, it seems to be the case.

07:10am: It seems Miyamoto has invited people up onto the stage at the conference to play Wii Music. Oh dear, it’s gonna be E3 all over again.

07:23am: *falls asleep, head falls down onto a table, wakes up*

What, uh? What time is it? ONLY AFTER 7:20? Miyamoto’s been going on about Wii Music for half an hour! Thats more then even the DSi!

07:26am: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! The Wii Music demo ends. Anything else, Miyamoto? Pikmin 3? Or maybe Nintendo, if yourr feeling genious to us, Kid Icarus?

07:30am: Nooooooooooooooooooooooope. Neither, the conference ends.

Total bust.

Nintendo of America will be holding a conference sometime tonight but I doubt we’ll be doing anything about that considering it’s pretty much the same info we’re gonna get.

Anyways, consider this one and over with. Christ I need sleep before I go and play the review copy of Fifa 09 EA’s sent us and amongst other things, sort out something else (you may know what that something else is)

Night night folks…or morning, morning?