Fable II Plagued with Major Game Breaking Bugs

The community forums for Lionhead Studios have lit up like a christmas tree… and I say that loosely somewhat as christmas is 2 months tomorrow.

Reports are coming in that there are some serious bugs and glitches in the game which was only released in Europe today. Infact, some of the glitches are serious game breaking glitches and bugs.

One of the glitches appears as you do the quest Monk’s Quest while you are going through Oakfield as it’s essential to the main story plot.

The bug happens when you leave the temple halfway through the conversation with the Abbot which then gives the bug and you are therefore unable to go on in the journey… untill Lionhead release a patch. As for that patch, Lionhead are working on fixing the problem but they have said to not leave during the conversation and watch the ensuing cut-scene as well as not skip the conversation.

And in a 2nd but less siginifigent bug concerning co-op, if you play co-op with a friend who is going through the prologue of the game with your hero as a child, that person you play with loses all the experience the character has recieved as well as all the gold that person’s hero recieved.

Lionhead are fixing the problem but have said to play co-op with anybody who has gone further then the prologue (Basiclly, don’t play co-op with anybody who has surpassed their childhood yet)

I am about to head off to play co-op too for our review of the game very soon

More on this as we get it and any news of a patch, we’ll bring it here.

Game-Breaking Fable 2 Bug Reported [1UP]