Guitar Hero: World Tour Peripheral Problems

So you still can’t decide between Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour? This could probably help you.

Some players have actually found great faults in their plastic instruments and have decided to start a petition to make Red Octane take back returns at no cost to consumers so as to ensure peripherals work as they should.

Apparently, the guy who started the petition hasn’t even purchased the game yet.

More of the issues lie with the drum kit where sensitivity of the drum pads are too strong or that it wears out after awhile and beating on a single drum pad could trigger hits on another pad as well. Another issue is also the downward strum of the guitar stops registering after a few hours of play.

Also, PlayStation3 owners should know that the Guitar Hero Drumset is still not compatible to Rock Band 2 although the Xbox 360 version does not face such a problem. However, a patch should most likely be implemented to solve this.

So if you’re still keen on purchasing Guitar Hero: World Tour just because of the setlist or that you’re just a big fan, you’d still be covered by a 90 day warranty or you could try fixing it yourself but i wouldn’t recommend that.

Why risk destroying your already faulty instruments when you’ve paid for them to only be faulty. I’m kidding, send them back and pay for the shipping or just purchase Rock Band 2 but I can’t guarantee their peripherals would work well.

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