Resident Evil 5 Rated 18 by the BBFC


We just took a look around the BBFC website to see if there was any game classifications given recently and it turns out there has been, two of them.

One of which is Resident Evil 5.

The game has been given a 18 by the BBFC according to a listing which popped up on December 9th which was Tuesday.

It means that Resident Evil 5 has a garned a higher BBFC rating then that of Resident Evil 5 when it got a BBFC 15 when it was released firstly on the GameCube before being released on the PlayStation 2.

By the looks of the demo, the game may just deserve that 18 considering it’s gore is certainly gory.

Only last month, we revealed that Resistance 2 was given a BBFC 18 for it’s gore and in the same search for Resident Evil 5, we discovered that Killzone 2 was given the exact same rating, an 18.

The game is out on Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 in North America and Europe on March 13th.

Resident Evil 5 [British Board of Film Classification]

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