Final Fantasy XIII Blowout: They’re Finally Here! The Trailers to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII!


At long last, we get our brand new footage to the two Final Fantasy games coming to the consoles.

Our first brand new footage of Final Fantasy XIII since E3 2008 at Microsoft’s Press Conference over 5 months ago while the first brand new footage of Versus XIII in over a year.

We can only post links to them for now but the second they become available, we will have them on our YouTube channel asap.

But for now, the links and discription is below.


Final Fantasy XIII

The trailer is similar to that of the E3 2008 trailer but the main thing is that there is real-time footage in the trailer at the end for roughly 15-20 seconds.

You see a landmark view of a canyon, flying along as it reaches the cliffs to see Pigtails Girl standing there on the dge of it. You then see a big airship flying through the air as smaller ships come into the big airship to land before seeing a montage of a couple of summons in the game.

We then see a full scale battle going on at the same time before we see troops landing on the ground somewhere with Lightning’s infamous bust out from E3 2006 followed then by scenes from the E3 trailer this year. We then see Lightning coming out of a ship under heavy guard which means either she’s been captured or they are her personal guards, we then see what appears to be a body chamber coming towards Lightning when we see Pigtails Girl walk towards her too under a cloak.

We then see Lighting’s walktrhough of a forest area, the same forest area from the E3 2006 and E3 2008 trailer’s followed then by 20 seconds of real-time footage with Lightning, Snow and Pigtails Girl walking through a iced cave with soldiers on their tails with the 3 of them preparing for battle.

Lighting gathers her sword and prepares for battle before the Final Fantasy XIII logo appears.

The trailer then confirms that the game will be released, in Japan at least, in 2009 for PLAYSTATION 3. No date for Europe and North America where it will also come to the Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII – DKS3137 Trailer


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The Versus XIII trailer is just over 5 minutes long and there are some segments in the trailer which are in real time, just like the Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

We see the trailer starting off with a car coming out of a tunnel with Noctis inside the car. We then see an entire army at Noctis’ doorstep waiting for him, (That battlescene from the trailer this time last year) followed then by a blonde girl standing out in the middle of a road with the moon shining down.

Noctis comes down to meet with the army before one of them opens fire and hence, the battle begins. We then see another image of the girl standing out in the middle of the road while Noctis still walks down a dozen steps without getting hit seemingly.

We then see another bit with the girl out on the road before Noctis runs out out of a corner while he defends himself in the ensuing battle bringing forth his sword. The trailer then cuts to a car driving in the middle of nowhere before switching to a scene which has a boardroom of guys sitting around each other before cutting back to the epic battle scene with Noctis.

We then see what appears to be a summon called forth by a mysterious girl in a cloak who turns out to be the mysterious blonde in the middle of the road before Noctis comes in and disturbs things. Noctis and somebody else  are walking around someplace with the nameless person, holding a shotgun, speaking to Noctis although there is no VO in the trailer (same for FFXIII)

We then see another person come out of nowhere and take’s the shotgun guy by surprise with a figure with glasses coming in at the background. Then, we go back to the car that was in the middle of nowhere which stops abruptly with the 3 figures from the scene before plus Noctis getting out of the car to see that there is a huge chunk of land missing.

Going back to the mysterious summon being casted, a battle starts to ensue between Noctis and blonde haired girl while also showing the battle between Noctis and the entire fleet of armed guys. Then, we see the Noctis and the 3 guys from the town square driving very fastly towards a destination before heading back to the boardroom of mysterious men with a very sinister person at the head of the table.

A smoke billowed building is then see from the distance by Noctis and his crew before walking back towards their car. We go back then to the blonde haired girl standing in the middle of the road when Noctis runs out of nowhere with the both of them running towards each other for a second before they pause and prepare for battle.

The2nd to last scene of the trailer sees Noctis walking up a flight of stairs, casually dressed, in what appears to be an art gallery before we see blonde haired girl looking at a painting before the Final Fantasy Versus XIII logo appears. We then see Noctis sitting on his throne with a quote from Shakespeare appearing on the screen, the same quote that appeared in the debut trailer.

It then finally states “For PLAYSTATION 3 Only Worldwide”

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – DKS3137 Trailer

We have the trailer of Final Fantasy XIII right now and we are about to upload it onto our YouTube channel, as soon as it’s uploaded, we’ll directly post the video.

The same for the Versus XIII trailer.

Impressions to come.