Pigtails Girl Named at Last – Vanilla

nomchan1So last week, we had a blowout of info on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. New art, real time screenshots, new characters and new trailers.

But it seems that this blowout is still on going if you are either Shonen Jump or Famitsu.

New info was released in the new issue of Shonen Jump of Final Fantasy XIII (so far, it’s only FFXIII) showing off screenshots of real time gameplay but it’s not just them screenshots which have caused some big news, it’s the reveal of a characters name, to be specfic, the character known as Pigtails Girl/Nomchan.

Well, she’s known as them no more!

She is now known as…


Yes, as in a Vanilla ice cream.

There are still two parts of her name to be deciphered like middle name and surname but her maiden name is Vanilla.

The Shonen Jump scan is below: