Final Fantasy XIII: New Screens and New Info


New screens for Final Fantasy XIII have emerged overnight in Japan and… well, needless to say, they look amazing.

As well as them screens, we have new info on the game, both gameplay and storywise. The game will have a seemless battle system in the game with no notice of a transition when going into battle. Example: when you see a mob of enemies on the screen, thats what you get, the only thing is to decide to fight or not.

As well as that, the Time Battle System will be in play for the game. Each playable character (Lightning, Snow, Vanille) will only have a certain amount of points on them when they are in battle formation with an attack costing a point or more depending on the style of attack.

For example, if Lightning were to have 3 points, she could stack up a chain of 3 normal attacks or use all 3 to cast Fire II. There is also a Bonus gauge in the TBS but Square Enix hasnt revealed what that does.

As for the story, everything your about to see is everything from the Jump Fiesta trailer… except one thing.

Does anybody remember the and as to how Lightning was on that train, smashing up the place while at it before heading outside to take on a big enemy (we have gameplay screen of that below)? Now we know.

She was on it to bust out a prisoner being deported out of Cocoon with that prisoner turning out to be Vanille. As for Snow, he is the head of a resistance movement against Cocoon’s government. In their struggle against the Cocoon government, not only will they have to face normal soldiers but also deal with powerful weapons, monsters and even more powerful officials.

Finally, we now know the full name of Lightning… and that name is…

Dia Walruva

Screens below, thats all I am gonna say after that.


The game is out in Japan for the PLAYSTATION 3 later this year with a 2010 release for the West for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. We’re looking forward to it alot, it is our most antcipated game of 2009 after all.

Square Enix Reveals New FFXIII Info [RPG Gamer]

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