CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy XIII Wont Reach Europe Before April 2010


Any of you planning to get Final Fantasy XIII in 2009?

Well, unless your Japanese or your gonna import (like we are), you may rule them out till next year.

Square Enix have said to Reuters that you wont be getting Final Fantasy XIII for the PLAYSTATION 3 or Xbox 360 in Europe or North America before April 2010.

In the article, written in The Guardian (via, it said:

Square Enix also plans to launch the next version of “Final Fantasy” in 2009 in Japan, further strengthening its product lineup.

Overseas launches of the latest “Final Fantasy” game will come in the business year from April 2010 or later, [president of Square Enix, Yoichi] Wada said.

Square Enix will offer the latest version, “Final Fantasy XIII”, for both Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 in North America and Europe, and exclusively for the PS3 in Japan.

So, no English version this year.

Still, if yoru that desperate, import it. Hell, we’re gonna, it’s the game we wants most from 2009.

UPDATE 2-Square Enix enjoys robust year-end sales [The Guardian] [Via]