God of War III Previews Coming Next Month

God of War III, one of the most antcipated titles on the PLAYSTATION 3 and yet, we dont know diddly squat from it so far except a CGI trailer, a gameplay trailer and the fact that its the last game in the GOW trillogy.

But now, we may know a couple of more things come next month if anything according to several outlets.

According to Kotaku and Videogaming 247, they state that select press from the US and Europe will be shown a sneak preview of the game next month.

One of the reps said to VG247:

Yes, the GOW3 development team will be holding an exclusive sneak peak in February, for a very select number of US & European press

So there ya have it, keep an ear, an eye and whatever you can out for what (if any info comes out next month) info comes out next month.

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