Killzone 2 Demo on PS Store Today [UPDATE]


UPDATE: And just as I publish this, it lands. We’re downloading now.

Original Story: In the next hour, the demo for Killzone 2 will appear on the PlayStation Store in Europe.

The demo, announced on Monday, sees you play a tutorial level fom the game as well as the 1st level in the game. The demo will also go up for America tonight but only for pre-orders of the game from GameStop, a public demo release for America wont come till February 26th, the day before the game releases.

It has been rumored that multiplayer would be in the demo since yesterday but Sony has moved to confirm that there will be no such multiplayer and despite the fact that such a rumor persisted, even when debunked first time round, the community manager of the English PS Community, MusterBuster has moved to say there will be no such multiplayer.

We have our hands on with the multiplayer beta impressions on the site and needless to say, we’re impressed with it so expect us to be giving our Single Player impressions from the demo very soon.