Q: What Was Capcoms Secret Game to Be Revealed on XBLMP? A: Lost Planet 2

Capcom revealed a while back that they would be announcing a brand new game over Xbox Live Marketplace. Well, today was that day, question was which was they’d reveal? Dead Rising 2 was out so was it a new Devil May Cry? Nope, it was Lost Planet 2.

The footage on Marketplace kicked off with a word from producer of the 1st Lost Planet as well as the producer for LP2 and producer on Resident Evil 5 Jun Takeuchi before showing off the first ever footage of the game which was entirely all in game and real time.

Kenji Orugo is the game’s director, with Takeuchi producing.

There was a big hint at co-op in the game with Orugo saying:

After we released [Lost Planet], we heard so many users say that they wished they had been able to take on the Akrid enemies in a co-op mode. You should be able to see our response to those requests in the trailer you just saw.

Gamersyde have the first screens and below is the video in question.

For now, it’s confirmed to be heading to the Xbox 360 but we’ll put this under PLAYSTATION 3 as well, there will be a PS3 verison eventually like the last game.