Some More New Final Fantasy XIII Screens


Following on the screenshots we published yesterday from Famitsu, Square Enix has published even more screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII as well as give us some criptive info on characters and gameplay.

A group known as Team Nora have their own page on the FFXIII website which was updated with the info but the characters dont have their own pages compared to the 4 main characters of Lightning, Snow, Vanille and Sazh. The team is Labreu, Gadot and Maqui.

And producer for Final Fantasy XIII Yoshinori Kitase has given some several criptic hints as to what the game features, translated by IGN.

“Strategic battles using using XXXXX”

“Summon beasts like Shiva and XXXXX”

“Lightning does XXXXXX to XX and XX…”


Lightning, you naughty thing!

Screens are after the jump. Game’s out in Japan this year for PS3, PS3 and 360 in the West next year.

Final Fantasy XIII Site Updated [IGN]