GDC 2009: Uncharted 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked


God bless camera phones, the internet and YouTube, I dont think we’d know what we’d be able to do without them in these modern and troublesome times. Someone’s managed to escape with their lives with gameplay footage of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves during a Naughty Dog seminar at GDC.

In it, you see Nathan Drake in a wartorn part of Tibet (I could easily go Thom Yorke on your ass after saying that but I wont) where he is looking for his new partner, Chloe. It’s after the jump, you get to see shoot some things, climb some things and you even get to see him fall from a crumbling building, and see him fall back like a ragdoll from a explosion.

Game’s out this autumn for PS3.

2 Responses to “GDC 2009: Uncharted 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked”

  1. Jonathan Cullen Says:

    Footage is being pulled from YouTube.

    Right now, I’ve replaced the video but if you cant watch this video, let us know here and we’ll replace it.

    We’re gonna go do it a certain amount of times though, we dont wanna do it every hour.

  2. filicosti Says:

    cel mai tare joc pacat ca apare tarziu