GDC 2009: Sony to Announce Something for PLAYSTATION 3 on Tuesday


Sony’s sent out a notice that they’re going to announce something from this coming Tuesday. While they didnt say what it was, people have been speculating as to if this is finally when they announce that long awaited price cut, among other things as well.

Personally, we dont think it’ll be a price cut, it may just be a notice for Firmware 2.70 incoming. That said, the 2009 fiscal year ends on Thursday and it’s not Sony’s nature send out notice’s for Firmware updates unless they were hours beforehand on the PS Blog, not days beforehand so actually, this could lead to a price cut, but for now, we’ll go for the Firmware.

Prove us wrong Sony, prove us wroooooooooooooong!

What Is Sony Announcing On Tuesday? [Kotaku]