GOONL!NE is Changing


I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, this time. I feel my luck could change.

- Radiohead – Lucky.

Okay, it’s not meant to represent one person, its meant to represent GOONL!NE, the truth of the matter is that GOONL!NE is on a big and great roll… and it’s gonna change, alot.

And when I say alot, I actually do mean alot.

So, how so? Find out all of it after the jump.

First off, a re-design was meant to be done on our old Blogger page, but it never happened for various reasons. Well now, it is and we assure you, you’ll love it. We wont show you what its like just yet but needless to say, it will look great when you first see it.

Second, GOONL!NE has always been at heart a console site and it will never change. That said, we’re looking to incorpate a couple of things that will be given a people some bits and pieces of news specificlly on the handhelds like the DS and PSP, as long as they are related to the consoles somehow.

No PC though.

Third, you may have seen our Twitter been re-named GOONL!NEGames. GOONL!NE will not be having a name change, it was just GOONL!NE was taken, it will still be the GOONL!NE you come to every single day.

Which brings me to my last, and most important, part of the lot. GOONL!NE will no longer be working under a WordPress domain. No, you heard that correct, that address you see above you will be going! We cant say what the domain is yet, it’s not exactly set in stone, but what we can say is that once this name comes into play, GOONL!NE wont just be a WordPress blog anymore, it will be a genified bonafied gaming blog, or site once you see our new layout.

So, to recap:

- A new re-design for GOONL!NE coming very soon.
- Looking at ways to incorparate the PSP and DS.
- No name-change
- A proper web address for GOONL!NE.

Oh, and one more thing, near the re-launch, we’re gonna be taking on some brand new staff. We want you to apply as long as you can write, you have experience and be willing to do this for a bit but more on that come near the re-launch.

And what about the forums?

Well, we’ll come onto that nearer the launch but needless to say, there will be a much improved forums so look out for them.

Well, thats it, you’ve now heard of our big massive plans for the site. We’re planning in moving only one way: up and staying up. And its not just because of us, publishing news articles and reviews and opinion pieces and all that, no, its mostly all down to you and for that, we absolutely thank you for that, you have made GOONL!NE what it is now.

Expect a preview into the final design of our brand new website, nearer the re-launch.

Jonathan Cullen
Managing Editor, GOONL!NE