Naughty Dog Looking at Possibillty of a CE for Uncharted 2


Well, there is no need to convince PS3 owners to go out and buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when it comes out this Autumn, the first one was reason enough to get #2. But what if developers Naughty Dog enticed you with a possible collectors edition? Hmm, interested, arent you?

Well, they havent confirmed it but on their Twitter page, they are lookiing at a chance for a CE of the game.

Been discussing the potential of a Collector’s Edition for Uncharted 2 — Do you want a CE? What would you want in it?

So, what do you wanna see in yoru CE? Go tell them, now!

Remember, its out this Autumn, exclusively for the PS3.

15 Responses to “Naughty Dog Looking at Possibillty of a CE for Uncharted 2”

  1. Come on guys, suggest some things for them to put in the CE if they do one. I am sending this link to ND now on Twitter so lets hear them.

  2. Nate’s belt buckle is all i want.

  3. I think it would be good to include some little trinkets, like a Spanish gold coin from the first one, or a replica of the dagger that was shown in the first trailer.

    A poster wouldn’t go a miss either.

  4. saminseattle Says:

    It’s very sad. Out of my 11 games, not one of them is CE… So I don’t even know what I want from CE, a medal case? That’d be cool, but I have to think about this one. OOOHHH, a Uncharted snowglobe like the Resident Evil one but with Nate, that’d be super cool. Im gonna go hit up my friends on PSN and tell them to come hit up this site. brb…

  5. A ‘signature’ of Naughty Dog’s own Naughty Dog :D (can’t remember the name atm)

    Sir Francis’ Drake’s Diary? Drake’s Ring? (I know these are from the first game but we don’t know what similar items will be in U2)

    Oh, a Drake bobble-head :p

    Actually, I’d be more grateful if SCEE decide to put it out in Europe at all given their past record with CE’s (R2 for example)

  6. The Prodejeff Says:

    Hello Naughty Dog,

    Uncharted, Drake´s Fortune was the first game I bought when I bought my PS3. The game is really magnificent.

    What I would like to see in the C.E. of the next Uncharted.

    - Loads of making of video´s

    - What would be really cool to make bloopers of the first Uncharted or the second Uncharted. This may sound weird but I know the first Silent Hill did this and I never played the game but saw a blooper clip on the internet or somewhere els.

    - Back grounds stories of the characters

    - Maybe a possibility to listen to the sound track of the game or maybe there is a way to copy a the soundtrack to the hard drive of the PS3, include the first game ost as well.

    - Maybe you could include a secret messages about the upcoming Jak & Daxter game. Maybe you could program the game that once you finished it you will play a teaser trailer of Uncharted 3 or a new Jak & Daxter game.

    - Making of game design, directing, sound, music, visuals, acting …

    - Maybe a short movie of what happened with alena.

    I really can´t wait for this game to come out.

    Gtz The Prodejeff

  7. Ps3Fanboy#1 Says:

    Make the collectors version come with the 1st one! I dont have it yet and definitely want it!

    Collectors Edition includes UC #1 & 2!!! Ill pay 79.99 for that.

    Or could go the route of “Dog Tags” .. Naughty Dog… Kinda goes together maybe them engraved to say OMG!!!!1!!! :)

  8. saminseattle Says:

    OH, dogtags, that’d be cool.

  9. either a copy of the uncharted 1 or some sort on minigame. 2 games for $79.00, that is a great deal

  10. PS3 Suggestions:

    • How about some free DLC for anybody who gets in on the CE? A special coupon code, or some such?

    • How about a Gold Trophy of distinction for CE owners?

    • Special unlockables (objects, clothes, etc) for CE owners through the Uncharted Home Space?

    • Maybe a mini-game treasure hunt in Home as well, along the lines of Xi?

    • Extra skins & options included on the CE game disc

    Bottom line: I’m not going to spend extra on a CE just for a silly trinket that’ll make me look like an über-geek if I ever wear it in public – but functional software bonuses & extras that aren’t just “The Making Of” documentaries? Absolutely.

  11. I say don’t do this. Do what they did with Uncharted. That game has all the extras on the Blu-ray and you unlock them as you play. I don’t really care about fancy metal boxes and if I want a figurine I’ll buy one.

  12. something like what saints row initiation pack had.
    a shirt.
    USB stick.
    action figure.
    art book.
    Steel case like the resi 5 or DMC ones (im in love with steelcases for some reason)
    and make the cover for the SE a hologram that would be so cool.
    and a making of on blu-ray so we can see what it takes to make a game like uncharted 2 with may be show us some of the software they use and how they use it.
    i want to get into game development myself as im a programer i would find it verry interesting.

  13. Thanks for the responses everyone! I read them all and I’ll keep them in mind in case we do work on a CE.

  14. Great post! Idk why but all of a sudden i got the urge to watch all dogs go to heaven lol