Metal Gear Solid 5 COULD Be Shown at E3 2009


Bah, we missed this last week in the influx of GDC stories. Hideo Kojima has said that he may announce Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3 in June. Speaking at an Apple Store appearence in San Francisco, talking about Metal Gear Solid Touch, the floor was opened for questions in which a question was asked about MGS5. Speaking through his translator, Aki Saito, he said:

“I can’t really speak specifically right now. All I can say right now is that maybe we can do some announcement during E3.”

Okay, he didnt needlessly say MGS5 but considering he dropped like a very big hint of it at GDC last week, it surely has to be. I still want Zone of the Enders 3 though.

Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 “maybe” announced at E3 [VG247]