GOONL!NE Rings in New Changes with New Domain and Recruitment Drive


So you no doubt may have noticed our brand new changes starting to come in now for GOONL!NE, especially with a domain over our shoulder now, hmm? Well, its not just the domain thing now, its now onto the redesign, coming sometime in the early summer.

But while we’re waiting for that, we’re gonna be on a recruitment drive. We’re looking for a bunch of fresh writers to give you your daily dose of console gaming news and reviews as well as previews and more. Here’s what you need.

- To be over 16
- To actually be decent at English
- Be very active on the site

For more info, drop me an email, , and I’ll give you more info via email. Or ask me via Twitter, . Till then, read the press release we just published (we wanna be professional, give us a bit of credit) after the jump.

GOONL!INE Rings in New Changes with New Domain and Recruitment Drive

These plus a redesign coming in the summer for a brand spanking new GOONL!NE this year.

Derry, Monday April 6th 2009 — GOONL!NE, a popular indie gaming blog run out of Derry, Northern Ireland, announced several sweeping changes to it’s site. First off, the site will no longer be run off a WordPress domain and will now be known as GOONL! to make the site much more known.

As well as that, the site have begun a recruitment drive for the site, anyone who is interested should email or Twitter .

“Thank fuck, it’s about damn time I changed this website,” said Jonathan Cullen, Managing Editor of GOONL!NE. “Seriously, I made these changes to reflect that GOONL!NE should be more recognised and out there, hopefully with these changes today and in the future, we can hope that the future of GOONL!NE can be a future full of potential ahead for the site,”

It was also confirmed that the much antcipated redesign coming to GOONL!NE is now down for very early Summer 2009.

“This new redesign isnt exactly gonna knock peoples boots off, but we hope it will be one which people will like alot, it should hopefully convince alot more people to come back to the site more often.”


GOONL!NE was set up by Jonathan Cullen in April 2005 as Gamzsone, having been found as a bunch of forums. The site went through 3 versions, the last being Gamzsone V3 in from May 2007, via a Freewebs beta, to July 2008, on a Blogspot blog, it was renamed GOONL!NE and moved to WordPress in July 2008.

It’s managing editor is Jonathan Cullen, he can be found at or via his Twitter,

\\ end press release//