RUMOR: Halo 3: ODST Video Leaked

Now, if this turns out to be fake, which it may do, dont come screaming at us 360 fanboys with the pitchforks and the shotguns and the things that make us say oww!

A video has surfaced shown the menu of Halo 3: ODST in action from the beta build. Now, at this point, we’d be screaming from our throats “FAKE!” from our big manly voices… until this:

A Message from Bungie:

Seriously — Do not show this to anyone, do not show screenshots to anyone, do not talk about this, post about this, blog about this, complain about this, brag about this or write about this (outside the sancjury of our beloved BetaPlace, of course). Otherwise, ninjas will be sent to bring rain to your house and your house’s houses [Ed note: Wut?].  And I dont mean those puntass run of the mill MSNinjas, I mean the other ones. The ones on fire. Yeah, thats right…

Not only was the last paragrap a slight subtle dig at Microsoft, but also a bit of humor from Bungie, whic htye always throw in somehow into a game. So, what do we think now, is this still fake? Not sure.

We’ve emailed Microsoft for a response.

Catch the incriminating video after the jump.